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Tai Chi - Stage One

What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is an ancient method of integrating physical movements with the awakening and guiding of the Chi force ( internal Energy ) dormant in everybody. With proper guidance this can be achieved by truly interested individuals, irrespective of age and level of fitness. A brief outline of the courses offered is given below.

Step - 1

Stage 1 of Tai Chi is designed for beginners who can be taught the correct method of basic Tai Chi. This is also a refresher course to people already familiar with Tai Chi, who can re-establish the correct moves, in case of imperfect movements or lost connection with this Art.

The very first step is to learn to relax properly and completely. The outer muscle groups are fully relaxed first, followed by the deeper, inner relaxation techniques. For this the student will gradually learn which part of the body needs to be relaxed first. The correct order of muscles to be relaxed as well as the path of relaxation will be taught thoroughly.

Step 2

The student then learns to gather the Chi force
( inner Energy ) by relaxing and sinking the strength to the feet and then bringing it all the way up from the feet, calves, knees, thighs, butt, solar plexus, spine, neck and head and then guiding it from the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. This entire circuit of Energy has to as smooth as the flow of water. This will stimulate and massage all internal organs of the body and the health benefits will be far greater than mere physical movements or meditation. Tai Chi seamlessly integrates both of these essentials.

Step 3

The first is to stabilise the stances in which one has to practice Tai Chi. The dormant or sleeping strength within has to awakened and aligned along the axis of the body. This strength has to be integrated into the skeleton which functions as a sturdy foundation for all movements. The final step is to actively control and guide the Chi force or this inner Energy.

Tai chi Stage Two

Tai chi Course

We offer Tai Chi classes in various locations ;

Taipei Tai Chi Class

Hsinchu Tai Chi Class

Taichun Tai Chi Class

Tainan Tai Chi Class

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