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Tai Chi Stage Two

It would be ideal for a beginner to first complete the Tai Chi Stage One course and then proceed to go to Tai Chi Stage Two.

This will give an organic continuity to the learning process, enabling a student to progress in a systematic way. There are Two main goals of Tai Chi. The first is to practice all the physical movements to perfection and then to incorporate the Chi force ( inner Energy )into these so that this ancient martial art becomes both a physical and spiritual exercise, benefitting a human being in all possible ways.

With his vast experience of more than 20 years as an instructor, Master John Wu has personally designed these courses for the benefit of the fitness conscious. It is very important to look carefully at the visuals of students practising under the strict guidance of Master John Wu on YouTube. Repeated viewings will familiarise a student with the correct physical postures of Tai Chi. Master John Wu's clear and concise voice over instructions will ensure that both the physical movements and the Chi force can be fully integrated for maximum wellness.

The beauty of Tai Chi is that it is not at all complicated and difficult to perfect both it's physical and internal aspects. What is needed is a genuine interest in learning, keen observation and a willingness to practice hard, wholly adhering to the exact processes of Tai Chi.

Apart from the physical movements of Tai Chi the guidance of the Chi force ( internal Energy ) is really important. This can be achieved through the integration of inner strength, its route and most crucially the "transition" of this Chi force. What exactly is this transition of inner strength? To put it simply, it is a martial arts' way to internally control the Yin( female Energy ) and the Yang ( male Energy ) in Tai Chi. For example when the power is at its strongest, it becomes necessary to draw the power inwards and change it into loose and soft energy. This is the unity of the Yin ( gentleness ) and the Yang ( hard power ) in Tai Chi. Together they are at optimum strength, rather than just one kind of force being in operation. Because of this technique, Tai Chi will look effortless and easy to do, but it will be full of Energy inside as a result of this endless interaction of both the Yin and the Yang forces within the body.

There are Two options within this course. One is the basic 13 moves of the Yang style of Tai Chi and the other is the basic 12 moves of the Chen style of Tai Chi. Both these methods will give a solid foundation for further and more detailed study of Tai Chi. It will improve stamina, immunity to diseases, as well as improve general health, energy levels and mental calm.

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